Polyurethane Screens

Polyurethane screens have been introduced in the industry for two main reasons:

  • their excellent abrasion resistance, that gives more lifespan in working-process compared with wire screens and perforated metal;
  • their particular suitability to sieve those aggregates easy to clog the holes, thanks to the material’s elasticity and the conical holes. Therefore, SOVALIT screens allow a reduction of costs compared with wire screens and perforated metal, even if these are much cheaper, thanks to their longer lifespan in working-process and to the reduction of dead times for the replacement.

Besides the usual requirements of a screening surface, SOVALIT polyurethane screens have the following characteristics:

  • long wear resistance
  • high cut resistance
  • high elasticity and deflection resistance
  • nearly complete absence of clogging
  • significant noise reduction
  • heat resistance up to 75°C
  • good open area
  • availability of different qualities and hardness of polyurethane.

SOVALIT screens can be divided into the following types:

  • tensioned, with steel tensioning folds
  • self-supporting, for flat vibrating sieves and trommels
  • modular
  • flip-flow
  • dewatering

The same polyurethane of the screens is used by SOVATEC to produce polyurethane linings