The Company

  • Production

    In 1973 Sovatec Industriale srl was established in Stazzano, north of Italy, within the Schiavetti group, active since the end of nineteenth century in the production of wire cloth, perforated metal and expanded metal.
    Mission of Sovatec was the production of wire mesh in high-tensile steel for the vibrating screens in the quarry and mining industry.

    Since then Sovatec has gradually expanded its production according to the technological developments, technical innovations and client need assessments. Now Sovatec's portfolio includes, in addition to traditional high-strength steel and stainless steel wire screens , self cleaning screens, polyurethane and rubber screesn, perforated plates and rubber-coated perforated plates.

  • Applications

    In addition to the traditional applications in the quarry and mining industry Sovatec products are widely used in the treatment and waste recycling industries.
    The stainless steel woven mesh, produced in the Stazzano plant, are also used in:

    • Construction industry, for building facades, ceilings, interior partitions, safety parapets and fences
    • Agricultural, milling and food industry
    • Mechanical industry, for protection, filtering, ventilation grids, various steel structures.
    • Heat treatment industry, for buckets and trays, working at high temperature and in corrosive environment

    In the last decade Sovatec has faced significant investments in order to maintain a competitive advantage in the national, European and international market. These investments are mainly related to:

    New powerful and fast automatic looms were introduced in the Stazzano plant. The looms able to produce extremely robust screens within reduced time maintaining the high quality of Sovatec production.
    In house design and construction of looms for the production of self cleaning screens, increasing the efficiency with better quality than ever before.
    The acquisition and equipping of a new shed to use as warehouse, in order to provide better service to customers reducing the delivery time.
    The constant renovation of the plant for the production of polyurethane screens, with the purchase of new machinery to ensure appropriate levels of quality and efficiency as required by an increasingly demanding market.


    • Sovatec Industriale s.r.l.
      Viale della Vittoria, 4
      15060 Stazzano (AL)
      (Motorway A7 - 90 km. from Milan, 50 km from Genoa)