Self-supporting Sovalit

Self-supporting Sovalit

Consente di creare piani di vagliatura senza curvatura, per ottenere la migliore distribuzione del materiale sul piano stesso e un migliore risultato nella selezione. Queste reti possono essere utilizzate su tutti i tipi di vagli vibranti e rotanti, sono più facili da montare e da sostituire, sono più economiche da tenere in scorta.

Self-supporting SOVALIT

It allows to make screening surfaces without bending, in order to achieve the best material’s distribution on the deck and a better selection. These screens can be used on all types of vibrating and rotating sieving machines, they are easier to assemble and replace and are cheaper to keep in stock.

Self-supporting polyurethane screens SOVALIT are characterized by a very robust internal steel frame completely included in the polyurethane.

The screening surface between the steel reinforcements is flexible to prevent the clogging. By this way the right balance among stiffness, elasticity and strength is obtained.

The steel frame completely included in the polyurethane allows the removal of the metallic supports in the sieving machine, either longitudinal and/or transversal, often subject to corrosion, improving the accessibility to the screening surfaces for inspections and replacements.

Self-supporting SOVALIT is fastened to the machine frame by central bars and by lateral bars with wedges. All the fastening elements are in polyurethane in order to guarantee the same duration like the screens.





All SOVALIT screens are moulded, therefore the opening have a precise downwards conicity in order to avoid the clogging.