The Company

  • Production

    Sovatec Industriale srl was established in 1973 in Stazzano, near to Alessandria, for the production of wire screens of high tensile steel for the selection of materials in quarries, mines and industry.

    Since then Sovatec has gradually expanded its production according to the developments in technology and customer requirements, and now includes, in addition to the traditional steel wire screens, self cleaning screens with polyurethane strips, polyurethane and rubber screens, perforated metal and steel-rubber perforated plates.

  • The mesh in high tensile steel wire and stainless steel are produced both in high tensile steel with strength 160/180 kg / mm2 (DIN 17223 / EN 10270) and in stainless steel AISI 304 - 316. These types of steel combine a high wear resistance to the elasticity required to work on very high frequency vibrating machines.

    The mesh are available in standard rolls or panels, or cut to size, with or without hooks for tensioning. The crimping of the wire is according to DIN 4192 / ISO 4783-3. Furthermore, Sovatec is able to realize all kinds of tensioning hooks required for the installation of the screens on the different types of vibrating machines.

    Sovatec produces polyurethane screens of all types and of all sizes. Before production, each polyurethane screen is specifically designed on the basis of the information received from the customer. All the characteristics are defined, such as dimensions, thickness, openings, details of the steel frame and tensioning hooks, position of the blind zones and fixing holes, quality and hardness of the polyurethane.

  • Applications

    In addition to the traditional applications in the quarry and mining industry Sovatec products are widely used in the treatment and recycling of waste.
    Furthermore the stainless steel mesh, in the various qualities, are used today in:

    • Construction industry, for coveringbuilding facades, ceilings, interiorpartitions, safety parapets and fences
    • Agricultural and food industry
    • Mechanical industry,forprotection
    • Heat treatment industry, for the realizationof buckets and trays

    • Sovatec Industriale s.r.l.
      Viale della Vittoria, 4
      15060 Stazzano (AL)
      (A7 - 90 km. from Milan, 50 km from Genoa)